Beginner’s Course

Who Should Take This Course?

If you would like to learn:

• To interpret price charts
• Technical analysis application
• Various trading strategies
• Taking high probability trades

….then this course is suitable for you.

What You Will Gain:

You will learn about:

• Trading profitably with Trend indicators and Price Oscillators
• Trading strategies and choosing one that is suitable for you.
• Various aspects of trading.

Module I : Getting Started With The Trading Platform – MetaTrader 4
• Demo account
• Entering and exiting trades
• Market Orders
• Pending Orders
• Stop Loss
• Trailing stop
• Price alerts
• All necessary trading functions of the platform.

Module II : Support & Resistance Tools
• Projecting price targets.
• Fibonacci retracement & expansion
• Trendlines
• Channels

Module III : Technical Indicators

• Moving averages
• Stochastic
• Custom indicators for signal alerts
• Identifying price movement strength with multiple stochastic.
• Choosing a suitable timeframe to trade.
• Identifying divergence.
• Defining and identifying trends.

Module IV : Money Management & Strategies

• Money management
• Breakout strategy with chart patterns
• Pullback strategy with indicators
• Factors to consider while developing your own strategy
• Strategy practice before live trading.

Course Fee: USD900.00